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Naturally Simple Handmade Soaps and Such

Hi, I'm Caroline! I founded CG Soap Co with my love for all things natural and my passion for handmade, creative arts and crafts. 

During the week I am a digital program manager for a non-profit consulting firm. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two rescue dogs, designing knitting patterns, and volunteering at our local animal shelter.

All of my products are all-natural and sustainably sourced. I use only the best botanicals, essential oils, and sustainably sourced ingredients including shea butter, mango butter, and certified organic essential oils.

A lot of love goes into making these products. I hand-pick ingredients based on my personal skin and body needs. I.e I wouldn't sell anything that I wouldn't use myself! You'll find all of my bar soaps, and hand-knit soap savers around our house. 

I hope you enjoy!

You can also visit my knitting pattern store at 

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